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Malay translators

What is the significance of getting a professional translator?


Why should you hire me as your Malay translator?

English (UK) to Malay
English (US) to Malay

If you find language to be a constant barrier that hinders your growth beyond your home country and are trying to build your presence in Malaysia,

one tool that can help you go forward is the localness with the people and the country is having a language translator at your disposal.


I am here to help you with just that—to get yourself represented and your content translated to be easily understood by the people, be it from

English (US & UK) to Malay

or from Malay to English. 

With years of expertise, I deeply focus on understanding the client's needs and optimizing their content to be more local and connected to the audience and the targeted Malaysian consumers.


Client satisfaction has always been my topmost priority, and I always ensure that I maintain the quality and professionalism of my work and ethics.

I also have a great track record with clients who have used my translation services in the past and were happy with them all the way through.


Postgrad Diploma in TESL, IPIK
BComp Sc (Software Engineering) Universiti Malaya
Master of Arts (Translation for Professionals) Universiti Sains Malaysia
Translation Certificate by ITBM Malaysia
MTA Membership

Joaquim Ferreira,

"Hasni is very professional and easy to communicate with. An excellent translator!"

President of Etcetera Language Group, Inc

Washington DC

"Hasni is one of the most trustable Malay linguists I have ever worked with. She can be trusted in quality, deadline. She has good command on almost all domains."

Alok Pal,

Project Manager at Braahmam Net Solutions


"Very dedicated and hardworking professional. Poses in-depth knowledge in her area of expertise. Very reliable and highly recommended."

Rozmi Tamin

CEO of Softmind Solutions


Mayen Visto

"Hasni is professional and easy to work with. 5-star!"

Project Manager at  Philippines

"Thank you for your diligence and reliability, Hasni. Much appreciated!"

Dr A Ernst

SKS Sprachen Komplett Service


"Hasni is an outstanding professional. She is quite passionate about her job. I strongly recommend her for any Malay jobs. Thanks."

Narayan Shial

Founder of Sweet Communication


Chen Shengbei 

"The quality of translation is very good, and you are a trustworthy translator!"


"Hasni is an amazing person and an amazing professional, she worked with me in a huge project for months without even one time facing any issues with her. I will recomend her to anyone searching for a professional translator!"

Irini Ranxha

Project Manager

Brightlines Translation Ltd

"Hasni has most recently provided us with proofreading services for a project of over 80,000 words. She has a keen eye for detail and has kept the client’s glossary of terms up to date. She has also gone above and beyond our expectations by helping to apply client amendments at short notice. Hasni is a valued member of our translation team."

Julie Fry

Senior Project Manager

Brightlines Translation UK

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